Trade Show Season Is Approaching- Are You Ready?

Angled Elevation view of a Trade Show

There is a lot that goes into a trade show.

You spend hours designing the booth. You order giveaways and business cards. You get your staff and promotional items there, but something is missing.

You are waiting for your booth to arrive. Once it gets there, you still need to set it up. The clock is ticking by and you still haven’t heard anything. You’re beginning to wonder if you will get it at all.

For those of you who have been through this, it truly is a nightmare experience.

At Freeman Logistics, an Oklahoma City Logistics Company, we don’t deliver nightmares only exceptional service. We know the importance of on-time deliveries. We won’t keep you waiting and worrying.

If our punctual delivery hasn’t won you over, check out these benefits:

  • Assembly Assistance- From unloading to assembly to additional assistance, we have trade show logistics specialists who are ready to help!
  • 24 Hour Online Shipment Tracking- No matter where you are going in the country, you can check the tracker to see that your package is on its way.
  • Custom Packing and Delivery Solutions- Every booth and every show is different. We will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.

From start to finish, we guarantee a quality experience. Our trade show logistics specialists will provide you with the knowledge and professionalism you need.

Call or visit our website to get your free estimate today!