Reverse Logistics Services

Just as forward facing logistics are imperative to the successful functioning of your business, reverse logistics are also essential to keeping costs down and making the most of your inventory and products.

The importance of reverse logistics, or the operations that relate to the reuse, return or disposal of products and materials (including the management, processing and sale of surplus items), has been increasing steadily as concerns for “greener” business practices are on the rise.

Man unloading a freighter wearing safety gear

Not only are reverse logistics great for cutting down costs by extracting value from surplus or returned merchandise, but these practices also help to retain customers by bundling even more of your company’s services, data and functions together. More efficient processing and handling of inventory helps customers address and resolve concerns about your products quickly and conveniently.

No matter what the scale of your reverse logistics network, Freeman Logistics can provide all of the reverse logistics services you need to help streamline your business. We use a state-of-the-art Inventory Management System that allows us to keep track of your products throughout their life cycle and our dedicated, experienced team will help you create a custom plan for your business. We focus on maximizing your company’s profits while also finding ways to make your processes more efficient.

Some other benefits and services we can offer include utilizing our advanced fleet of equipment, resources and support that we have in virtually every corner of the globe. No matter where you need logistics services, we can assist you. While your items are in transit, you can also rest easy knowing that the storage of your returned or recycled goods can be managed in our secure, alarmed facilities, which are monitored by our professionals 24/7.

From start to finish, we have all of the reverse logistics services that your business needs. Call an expert at Freeman Logistics to learn more about our comprehensive service options or fill out our quick form for a FREE estimate that is tailored to your company’s unique specifications. Don’t delay- contact Freeman Logistics today!