Refrigerated Trucking: Not Just for Food!

It comes as no surprise that refrigerated trucking solutions are necessary for many food-based deliveries and transportation services. After all, keeping frozen, refrigerated, or otherwise perishable foods at their optimum temperatures is the best way to ensure that they arrive fresh and healthy at their destinations.

Line of refrigerated trucks

In today’s markets, however, the use of refrigerated trucking systems has expanded to include a variety of different types of cargo. The following are just a few examples of products that are now being transported by refrigerated trucking:

Fine Art & Antiques

To prevent fading, discoloration or deterioration of the materials that make up specialty items such as fine art pieces and antiques, it is important for them to be transported in trucks that have controlled temperatures and humidity levels.

Pharmaceuticals & Tobacco

Similar to perishable foods, drugs such as insulin, vaccines, cigars, cigarettes and other products require very specific temperatures levels to preserve their freshness, quality and potency.

Personal Care Items

Shipments of things like lipsticks, perfumes and cosmetics, which can easily melt and spoil, always need to be transported in temperate, controlled trucks during shipment.

Chemicals & Engineered Materials

Climate controls helps prevent certain chemicals from having reactions that could result in fire, explosion, or other damage.

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