4 Benefits of Hiring a Logistics Company

Two men taking inventory

There are many advantages that come with hiring an logistics company to handle your projects, but none are as qualified as Freeman Logistics. We proudly provide an all-in-one solution with premium services such as distribution, warehousing, packaging, and assembly. While other logistics companies struggle with creating a streamlined and seamless process, our experts are capable of handling all facets of your logistics chain with ease.

Affordable Warehousing

For starters, when you outsource your logistics to Freeman Logistics, you are going to save truckloads of money and time for your warehousing needs. By using our warehousing services, you will be able to eliminate the need to actually invest in running and maintaining a company warehouse. This will allow your firm to build a local, regional and global logistics network with higher returns and lower risk.

Similarly, our affordable warehousing services will ensure that you no longer have to worry about the optimization, staffing, training, audits, billing and paperwork involved in getting your products adequately stored.

Efficient Inventory Management

Additionally, outsourcing your project to Freeman Logistics will enable you effectively scale your space, labor and transportation. Our inventory management services are designed to ensure that your inventory is being handled in a professional manner by highly experienced managers. If you are a seasonable business, you will benefit from smoother transition between market lows and highs.

White Glove Delivery

Our white glove logistics and delivery services provide greater levels of care in the assembly, delivery, and handling of your products. Whenever your customers place an order, the products they bought will be delivered to them in a professional manner, on time and within their shipping budget.

Due to the specialized nature of our white glove logistics services, we will define our supply chain and ensure that the order is shipped in the most affordable, professional and dependable way possible. This is why we rank among the leading logistics companies.

Specialized Amenities (LTL trucking, refrigerated trucking etc.)

As a logistics company, Freeman Logistics also provides specialized amenities that your business will benefit from. These include, but are not limited to, refrigerated trucking and LTL trucking.

Our vast network of resources also lends significant advantages that you might not have gained if you had opted to rely on an in-house supply chain. When you leverage this resource network, you will be sure that Freeman Logistics will optimize and execute all steps within the supply chain in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Interested in enjoying the above benefits? Get in touch with us through our toll free number (866) 888-9678, or fill out our online form today.